Vamos A Volar is an another single promoting the upcoming album Sound Traveler In Cuba. Balearic disco beats meet afro-cuban jazz musicians.

Cuba is a place where you can easily fall in love. The song is about those butterflies in the stomach, a feeling of flying far and high, about the beauty of love. Sunny like the island itself, this disco vibe will let you relax, dream and travel in space and time.

Zule Guerra is a leading jazz singer in Cuba, valued by all generations. Excellent vocal skills, self-awareness and strong feminine presence, singing in several languages - this lady is a real charm. Undoubtably she will become a leading diva on the international jazz music scene.

There are more extraordinary musicians on the record. Josue Borges is a young jazz / experimental flutist, here performing both on flute and harmonica. Yasek Manzano is back again with his exceptional trumpet skills. Degnis Bofill Miranda plays percussions, adding a lovely Cuban vibe to the song. My American friend Nate Lassiter created groovy guitars riffs, helped with the bassline and the structure of the song.

Then we have another friend from UK, Jon Kennedy, who I met at the Quest Festival in Vietnam. He produced a creamy broken-beat remix that I admire a lot for its softness and vibe. This release is a real international hot-pot!

Mixing: Andrzej Fonai Pieszak
Artwork: Qaadira Ihsaan