The song „Trip to Cuba” won the Ninja Tune Records and Dubspot New York contest in 2015. It’s an invitation to the modern world on the island where traditional music (and life) mixes itself with new influences from abroad nowadays. In Cuba it became sort of a club anthem, being played at many parties, at bars or in the streets. The track features vocal chops sampled from another Cuban song made by Wichy de Vedado plus it contains live trumpet recordings by Yasek Manzano.

Inspired by some of the best nu-disco songs nowadays, 'Moyuba' has a dancing attitude, too. The track had passed a tremendous metamorphosis since its first days and contains an unusual mix of live recordings. Here you will find a blind guitarist Chichi from Santiago de Cuba, piano chords and melodies performed by Roger Rizo, Franqi Corbea playing darbuka and again, one of a kind, Yasek Manzano on trumpet. Lili Manzana gave her voice - she is Colombian, originally from Cartagena, living in Bogotá. Cartagena is a „small Havana”, thus Lili felt very connected to the Cuban culture and gave it the yoruba flavor.

Artwork: Qaadira Ihsaan