"Mi Tierra" is the third release promoting the upcoming album "Sound Traveler In Cuba". I met Ramoncito - the Vocal Baobab band’s leader - at their concert on the rooftop of the famous Hotel Inglaterra in Havana back in 2013. We soon became good friends by sharing same positive vision on life and music. We ended up working on two songs together.

Vocal Baobab consists of several musicians and singers. They create a fusion of rumba music with other genres like pop or reggae. They have ties to the world of santeria and religious ceremonies what you actually can hear in the song. Ramon has recently became a babalawo.

Rumba music started in poor districts of Matanzas and Havana in late 19th century. The genre’s energy comes from its natural groove - celebrations full of drumming, singing and dancing (and rum, of course). Although rumba had no ties to religion in its beginnings, the songs from santeria ceremonies would be later incorporated into rumba concerts and celebrations. The genre has a charm of bringing people together, letting them be in a moment, forgetting about everyday concerns. Those rhythms and repetitions are somehow similar to what electronic music does.

Today, I invite you to enter this afro-cuban world. The original track can easily take you on a deep journey, especially with its last part becoming very tribal. The remix by one-of-a-kind Simbad is another pair of shoes - unexpected beats and changes, almost industrial approach, with very trippy ending. Share and enjoy!

Artwork: Qaadira Ihsaan