Filled with100% Cuban music, this journey will take you on a trip to this amazing island. Let it take you far from home. Let your imagination fly. Breathe it in, let it touch your heart.

These are some of my favorite Cuban artists, most of them I know personally. Inspirational and soulful music, half of it not available online or outside Cuba. A mix of genres and moods.


Artwork: Qaadira Ihsaan


Farinas - Plegaria Al Santisimo
Daymé Arocena - Madres
Ibeyi - Singles
Danay Suárez - Historia
Wichy De Vedado - La Almendra Ft. Tony Rodriguez y Rodney Barreto
Felix Baloy y su Cuban Son All Stars - Ayudame Yemayá
Yasek Manzano - Chamalongo
Bellita & Jazztumbata - Lagrimas Negras
Antonio Leal Rodriguez - Meta a Chango
Vocal Baobab - Ochosi
Zule Guerra - Fotografia
Lennon Ruiz Garcia - Profundidades