FLEXIBLE DATES | season 2019 - 2020


Travel to Cuba on “Support for the Cuban people” category!
Enjoy the full-time itinerary while meeting individuals and non-government organizations: activists, artists, entrepreneurs, promoters.

Explore the contemporary music & art in Cuba with Mike Polarny!
He has been living part-time in Havana for the last 6 years.
Perfectly connected to the art scene, he’s your expert on the local social & cultural life.



Our full-time schedule is in line with the OFAC’s general license within the “Support for the Cuban people” category. You will be engaged in a full-time schedule which enhances contact with the Cuban people, supports civil society in Cuba and results in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba:

・meet local organization that activates their poor neighbourhood through art
・visit an iconic musician and understand his / her everyday life in Havana
・meet “babalawo” (a priest) and get introduced into the Santeria religion
・support the Muraleando art & social project by meeting its artists and students
・get a private lunch at Fusterlandia “mosaic” art project with Mr. Fuster
・have a coffee with students at a local cafe run by an American
・explore private art galleries while meeting their owners, painters and sculptors
・see sound engineers at work at a private recording studio
・share time with musicologies & historians during private meetings


We will be visiting private venues for music & art experience, meeting local musicians & artists, eat at private restaurants only:

・Buena Vista Social Club experience in an intimate setting
・Fabrica de Arte Cubano - the famous art & music private venue
・introduction into rumba music, dance & culture
・private jazz concerts
・private events with local DJs and live bands
・excellent food & cocktails at carefully chosen private restaurants


The average price is US$ 250 - 400 per day per person while including everything you need. Prices vary depending on a type of accommodation, group size, length of a trip. Feel free to write us or schedule a phone call.


・accommodation at private guest-rooms with breakfast
・all daytime attractions (tours, visits, meetings, tickets)
・all music venues & concerts at night
・afternoon snacks/ sweets/ coffee/ beverages at visited attractions
・opening dinner with welcome drink
・all local transportation on private taxis
・airport pick-up, taxi to airport on return
・tour leaders & local guides
・„Support for the Cuban People” itinerary letter for U.S. citizens


・meals and liquids other than specified
・Cuban visa (usually included with flights from U.S.)
・medical insurance (usually included with flights from U.S.)

The program is subject to change. Sound Traveler is not liable for changes, cancellations, closing of events & venues by the local organisers. In such cases alternative and adequate attractions aligned with the “Support for the Cuban people” category will be provided.


Bethany Smith, visual artist:
”Awwwwesome! Seriously had the BEST time!”

Jim Porto, photographer:
”Mike is the best guide in Havana, absolutely!”

Richard Lucano, musician:
“He’s your go-to for all things & music on the ground in Havana!”

Anna Gilgoff, teacher:
“Can’t thank you enough for all your kindnesses. What memories!”

Susan Christman:
”Thanks Mike for the great trip. I feel more awake since Cuba!”

Evelyn Bishop, healer:
”The sights, sounds, colors, and texture of Cuba were beyond my expectations. Mike’s expert knowledge and inside access made the experience seamless.”

Owen Byrd, activist:
”Mike put together an amazing trip! Lots of music, food, and culture.”


Part of our income goes back into working with local artists: creation of music and visual content, licensing new music, hiring instrumentalists and singers, hiring recording studios and sound engineers, collaborating with filmmakers, photographers and graphics designers. When traveling with us, you support the Cuban people directly and indirectly. Thank you for this!

Cancellation Policy

80% refund for cancellation more than 90 days before the first day of the trip
50% refund for cancellation more than 30 days before the first day of the trip
25% refund for cancellation less than 31 days before the first day of the trip

We guarantee the 90% refund if your travel will be impossible due to the new U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba being implemented in future. Minimum risk!


World traveler (55 countries), music producer, DJ, movement meditation & natural medicine practitioner, tour guide. Originally from Poland, he creates music with instrumentalists and singers in Cuba and Caribbean. His song "Trip To Cuba" won the Dubspot New York and Ninja Tune Records contest in 2015.

He has been back and forth in Cuba for the last 6 years where he produces music with jazz & rumba artists, performs DJ gigs, creates and collaborates on music & art projects. Expert on local cultural life. Initiated into Afro-Cuban religion, Changó is his guardian angel!


Music & travel platform created by Mike Polarny with a goal to present and support local artists while bringing extraordinary experience to the world.

We create music and stories with instrumentalists and singers. We share original songs from local musicians, create new cross-genre projects, publish remixes from local & international producers. Sound Traveler Records is distributed globally to all digital platforms.

We bring people together through music & art. We connect travelers with local cultures by creating unique, off-the-beaten-track experiences. Small groups of like-minded people enjoy activities that involve music, culture, nature and spirituality.

world traveler (55 countries), music producer, DJ, promoter, tour operator, entrepreneur, creates cultural projects with embassies & institutions