I greatly dislike leaving Cuba. It’s always accompanied by strong emotions. It is a melancholy in the best scenario. More often, it’s a suffering similar to what you feel while finishing an amazing relationship. Can be really painful. I believe part of my soul belongs to this island.

I often feel lost and sad or even depressed after returning to capitalism reality. I miss the simplicity of life in Cuba, I miss people who don’t stare at their phones every second. I am also sad for Cubans not having access to all the goods and services. However, this is probably what saves them - they’re more natural.

To me, the Malecón boulevard is a perfect symbol of such an unhurried, Cuban life. How many evenings have I spent at this long boardwalk? Walking alone, partying with friends over a bottle of Cuban rum, bidding farewell to foreign guests during their last wild night in Havana. I have many memories from this magical stone wall, behind which the ocean waters invite Cubas to an undiscovered, unseen world. Goodbye Malecón is my own farewell to Cuba.

You will hear the moody, yet dirty and intense, trombone played by the excellent Yasek Manzano. His solo is a story itself. And you won’t guess which song was an inspiration for this production… it’s „The Man With The Red Face” by Laurent Garnier.

Yasek Manzano is the icon of the young generation of Cuban jazz musicians. We used to perform on stage together several times. He is maybe the most innovative jazz artist in Cuba nowadays, using new technology, electronic effects while at studio and on stage. His album „Amnios 1407” won the main prize in jazz at Cubadisco in 2010 and you can now hear one of the songs from this album - an exceptional „Congo Bronx”.


Moyuba, another song by Mike Polarny featuring Yasek Manzano, has some dancing attitude, inspired by some of the best nu-disco songs nowadays. The track had passed a tremendous metamorphosis since its first days and contains an unusual mix of live recordings. Here you will find a blind guitarist Chichi from Santiago de Cuba, chords and melodies on piano performed by Roger Rizo, Franqi Corbea plays a darbuka. Lili Manzana gave her voice - she is an extraordinary Colombian, originally from Cartagena, living in Bogotá. Cartagena is a „small Havana”, thus Lili felt very connected to the Cuban culture and gave it the yoruba flavor.

Coming back to „Goodbye Malecón”… you can hear Lennon Luis Garcia playing vibraphone, beautiful sounds fulfilling the whole structure. Franqi Corbea played the santur, giving the song some Eastern attitude. Well, you will „meet” Lennon, Franqi and Roger in future stories very soon - stay tuned!

The remix is another Cuban input! Made by four musketeers under the name Lumen8. We got connected through music - they saw Mike Polarny performing his original electronic-cuban songs at the Pro-Electronica festival, then Mike heard their own productions. It became obvious that a cooperation needs to happen. Thus, you can enjoy this ambiental, almost experimental remix which gives another perspective on the Malecón story.

The artwork was made by two talented Cubans - painter Raubel Hernández Sobredo and graphic designer Gabo Pére from Studio Maharetto. You can expect more amazing works from those two.