Señor Pio

Probably my best ever hair-dressing experience!

I love entering oldschool places where time stopped years ago. Cutting hair is always a chance to find such locations.

I chose Barberia Pio and it happened to be a million dollar strike. I received a solid service while cutting my hair and putting my beard in order. I got some extras like a little face and shoulder massage. Señor Pio was amazingly accurate and delicate, superprofessional. I loved the oldschool chair, the vibe of a place. Few of his friends seem to spend most of their days here, watching TV, reading newspapers, sharing some small talks.

Although the service was much more expensive than in Cuba ($7 instead of $1), I decided to give a bonus, paying in total $15. I wanted to make sure he feels special the same way he let me feel special.

Now, it your turn, here's the location on Av. Central España in Panamá: