Spirit of the island

When you create things, you sometimes fall in love with one of your pieces more than with the other ones. Is it an emotional attachment? A personal story? A moment in life? I'm not sure what is my reason. The fact is I feel very attached to Goodbye Malecón song.

There are some hidden gems here. Lennon, amazing jazz artist and music teacher, plays vibraphone all over the track, giving it some organic background (it sounds like pads but it's not). Franqi, who's super passionate about oriental vibes, hits santur's strings in an unobvious manner, making it weird and sharp . Yasek, this crazy talented jazz trumpeter who shows up on few more of my songs, here plays a trombone in a such dirty way that he himself is not satisfied with the performance. No worries Yasek, I am!

The song finishes with people's voices. I met them singing in Vedado district of Havana at 2:00 a.m. on my way home. It was a fascinating moment, some unspoken connection within their group, a spirit of this island.

It might be this spontaneity of all live recordings that makes me so much attached to the song. It's my very personal landscape of Havana - amazing city that is much more melancholic as it appears in pictures.