Meditation for lazy ones

I have some good news for all the lazy bastards - for all of you who hate stretching, running, challenging themselves physically every morning. I am one of you and here's the thing...

I've tried tons of practices and techniques in my life in searching for regular self-balance. Many of them were very helpful, I've learnt a lot, I've grown a lot. But none of them became my regular practice. I'm just too lazy for physical exercises, yoga, too-long-and-complicated meditation etc. That's me and I accept it (almost).

More than a month ago Ula sent me a link to a simple meditation. I've been practicing it every day since then (well, I was too lazy on two or three days). It's a light practice I do every morning. Sometimes I do it twice a day if there's an important meeting or so.

This short 16 minutes long "Soul Sync" meditation from One World Academy will program your mind-set for the whole day. You can easily switch your brain to positive energy. The power of intensions that you inject into your body is enormous. I programmed myself many times - to work with smile, to love, care and value myself, to fly high or to keep the balance.

Magic started to happen. I am smiling more than before. I do less harm to myself. I am balanced on emotional level. Great women started to show up. More money started to show up. I observe the world with pleasure. I live more in present. Life goes on and I feel every second of it. 

Well, believe or not. It's simple and amazing! Try it out and let me know your results. Things can happen...