Surprise yourself!

Each year, around the 1st of August, I receive a mysterious email. I am always surprised by the very kind words somebody writes to me. I also realize this person knows my deepest dreams and some important facts from my life. It becomes scary that somebody might have hacked into my secrets. However, everything is always written in a very gentle, positive manner, giving me smile and curiosity.

This guy who writes me is always me myself from one year before. It's me using this amazing service and writing to another me in future. It's a reminder of what are my true values and my deepest dreams. It's a motivation to follow my path, to live in present, not to make unnecessary compromises. These are beautiful, warm-hearted letters.

I don't know what other people's strategies are. For me, this yearly reminders work great. Twelve months is long enough to forget I wrote something to my future self. A good amount of time to look back to see what was achieved, what wasn't. And it's aligned with my regular work on my life-purpose. This is my way, you can choose yours.

I encourage you to use this service the way you want it. You can write to other people, their future selves, too. However, writing to your future self is more fun, I believe. You can make an awesome surprise to yourself. You can write the best words you would love to read from somebody else. Can be very motivating.

Go for it:!