Boat Magazine

It was a sunny day in March when we met the photographer GARI ASKEW. He came to Havana with Erin - the owner and editor of the BOAT MAGAZINE - to shot stories from the city. The journal looks amazing - beautiful paper, no adds, brilliant photos and deep, real stories. I was excited to do some work with them.

It was his first time in Cuba, so it wasn't surprising to me he felt disoriented a bit. This is not a country where you can organize event or photo production in a short amount of time. The country is lacking everything - clothing, equipment (e.g. lighting), specialists willing to work hard. I have this saying here in Havana - "It's Cuban time!". People are always 1-2 hours late, life goes much slower than in NYC, Paris or Shanghai.

We met in a little bar around the corner from my house. One of my favorite places where I always have cheap, great mojitos (US$0,50). After evaluating our resources we decided to shoot a fashion story with just one model - Ana. She did a full-time model course a year ago (the only model school available in Cuba) and luckily I had just brought some nice dresses for her from Vietnam and Panama a few weeks earlier. Thus, we were able to improvise.

Over the next 3 days we did some arrangements, not without organizational and emotional problems, and finally shot the story on a very hot day. Things went smooth. Gari and Erin seemed very satisfied. So we were. We couldn't wait to see the results. 

Today, I am happy to share this story. I'm proud of our little team. The magazine is now available for shipping and I bet this is something you want to have in your hands. So, don't wait, go to WWW.BOAT-MAG.COM and get your copy delivered to your house. There's a ton of stories from the most beautiful city in the world - La Habana!