Pen Cayetano & punta rock music

I met Pen Cayetano at his gallery and house in Dangriga town in Belize. This man is a living legend. He created music style called "punta rock" back in 1978. He and his band became first to mix traditional Garifuna / African punta rhythms with rock attitude.

Humble and proud he keeps contributing to his culture and community on many levels. He's not only a musician and singer but also a painter, a teacher, a cook. Visiting him is one of these things you need to do when coming to Belize. Well, let's put it this way - how many creators of the whole music genres can you meet in person nowadays?

Meanwhile, I am hoping to be back to the town in near future, working on music with Garifuna people.

See the gallery on facebook. Ingrid Cayetano, Pen's wife, runs the sister gallery in Germany: