Recording live musicians in Havana

It was a fantastic day at the recording studio in Old Havana. 

Fariñas was the first. A living legend, 73 years old man, sung some stories about his afro-Cuban roots and community. He used both Yoruba and Spanish. His voice is hypnotizing and I thank Gods for having been able to work with him. 

Josue Borges Maresma, the flutist, went afterwards. We met first time a few days earlier when he was recording his own album. He's a real composer, creating some sort of free jazz. He played harmonica on another song for me, too. Beautiful journeys that take my tracks to another level.

Degnis, a percussionist with style, was the last man that night. I saw him earlier at Zule Guerra's concert and loved the way he was playing bata, congas, shakers and lots of other instruments. His beats and sounds gave my songs an organic vibe, more advanced rhythms. I hope one day we will perform live together.

There's a dozen of tracks on its way. Stay tuned!