I had a honor and pleasure of joining Nō training. Although it's been said this form of art has began in the 14th century, it might go back in history to much more ancient times. It integrates theater, music, singing, costumes, masks. I was able to see how difficult it is to sing the notes, with a lot of voice movements up and down, shorter and longer and other characteristics.

My amazing friend Miho has been studying Noh for the last few months. Thus, by reconnecting with her Japanese heritage, she is incorporating this ancient art into her contemporary performances. She's also a great-granddaughter of one of the most important masters of Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) and continues his legacy in her todays work.

We first met at BurningMan festival and yesterday we re-united again in Tokyo to open some new opportunities, enjoy amazing time together, have some great Japanese food and sake. What a day!

Japanese garden

Maybe I will have a house one day. If so, there will be a Japanese garden behind the house.

Did you know there's Isla Japonesa in Havana, too? A lovely place at Malecón with little alleys, gardens, terraces. Once we had a beautiful party there. Magic was in the air.

My way of traveling is loosing myself in streets, gardens and cafes. I take random direction, check some points of interest on the map and let it flow. Wandering around, visiting places that locals do. Tokyo feels so good today!