I had a honor and pleasure of joining Nō training. Although it's been said this form of art has began in the 14th century, it might go back in history to much more ancient times. It integrates theater, music, singing, costumes, masks. I was able to see how difficult it is to sing the notes, with a lot of voice movements up and down, shorter and longer and other characteristics.

My amazing friend Miho has been studying Noh for the last few months. Thus, by reconnecting with her Japanese heritage, she is incorporating this ancient art into her contemporary performances. She's also a great-granddaughter of one of the most important masters of Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) and continues his legacy in her todays work.

We first met at BurningMan festival and yesterday we re-united again in Tokyo to open some new opportunities, enjoy amazing time together, have some great Japanese food and sake. What a day!

Japanese garden

Maybe I will have a house one day. If so, there will be a Japanese garden behind the house.

Did you know there's Isla Japonesa in Havana, too? A lovely place at Malecón with little alleys, gardens, terraces. Once we had a beautiful party there. Magic was in the air.

My way of traveling is loosing myself in streets, gardens and cafes. I take random direction, check some points of interest on the map and let it flow. Wandering around, visiting places that locals do. Tokyo feels so good today!


I think I'd be a good prime minister / president / king, making the world a better place to live. Having a positive impact, listening to people's needs, always finding the best compromise.

Then I think: fuck politics, make some music, dance like crazy, travel like never before...

That's the problem of the today's world. People with good values, high standards, big hearts, strong spirits don't go into politics. They don't want to waste their energy. We are led by poor folks who fight for money and power. Be it left, center or right - doesn't matter, they all do business. 

I'm wondering - what needs to be done to bring good people into politics? How to empower and motivate those who can change the world into better, those who would not compromise values for money.


Today I meditated first time since a week ago. How easily I am forgetting the importance of this little practice. 

These 16 minutes in the mornings literally change my life. Big smile shows up on my face, good things happen to me. Each interaction with other people is richer, happier, more fun. 

Meditation is one of these little things that keep changing my life into better. If we all meditated (or danced), including politicians, world would be a much better place for all humans...


I can't express how grateful I am for the life I'm having. If it ends tomorrow, I'd be one of the most fulfilled persons on Earth. Well, still much to do...

I know many folks who cannot even dream about small portion of travels and activities I do. Sometimes poor, sometimes not capable of traveling for other reasons. However, I always believe one needs to dream big and focus. Things will come. I'm the best example.

However, I know many folks who can travel more than me. Economically, physically, mentally capable of anything they could dream of. Those folks don't travel and this is what I can never understand. Is it a fear of unknown? Leaving a comfort zone is the best we can do for ourselves. As much in travels as in everyday life and tasks