Mike Polarny aka „Sound Traveler" raised from love for music and running a nomad’s life. He traveled to 50 countries on 6 continents, sharing his music stories at festivals, radio shows, events and workshops. He is constantly learning from travels, shamanic ceremonies, art events and other practices that help him develop his mind, heart and spirit.

His music is always a journey. Let it be a dance party, a downtempo session or his own songs produced with live musicians. It’s a mix of amazing technology we have today with organic influences from variety of cultures and artists. You can call it „world electronic music” but, in fact, you won’t know until you taste it.

He has strong foundations for who he is today. He played more than 500 DJ gigs around the globe. He worked on music projects for international brands including T-Mobile, Sheraton, Sony, Pernod-Ricard, Quiksilver. He studied electronic music at Dubspot New York and won Ninja Tune Records contest. 

He practiced movement meditation and performed DJ sets for 5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Daybreaker or The Get Down. He organized snowboard music camps for thousands of freaks in European Alps. He became part of international communities like British Council, Hatch, Kalu Yala or Shamandome at Burning Man. 

Today, he is a mature DJ, music producer and traveler who loves sharing his stories and inspirations. You can travel with him by joining his music gigs, listening to his sounds online or following his travel stories and photos. He’s living a conscious life based on spontaneous decisions and leaving the comfort zone. If you feel this is something for you, stay connected and become the part of the story.


Contact us at hello@sound-traveler.com